Perfect New Home Found. Perfect New Interior On The Way!


We sat down for an early breakfast meeting with Mary Jo Gourd at the Spiral Press Cafe in Manchester to talk about her new business venture MJG Interiors.

DVP – You’ve been doing this for awhile but suddenly a new name?

MJG – I’ve branched out after 12 years working with my husband at Ramsey Gourd Architects and I’m really excited about it!

DVP – That’s fantastic! First off, let’s tell the readers about your new website – and to be fair, we’ll put some links to other local designers at the bottom of this interview. OK, now that we got everyone covered, what’s your take on interior design and how can it help homeowners with existing and new homes?

MJG – I was in the same position as many new homeowners back when we purchased a B&B here in Vermont and was suddenly faced with the need for curtains, wall coverings, furniture and well, the works!  That set me on the my interior design path and I’ve loved working in the field ever since.  Now I work with clients up and down the East Coast.  People who like my work in particular, share my eye for eclectic interior design that creates space which marries old with new, contemporary and antique and, has a focus on color.

From MJG Interiors Website

DVP – Is there a perception, right or wrong, that designers do exactly what they like when working on a project and the customer is left getting something different than what they really wanted?

MJG – It can happen and I’m glad you brought that up. Listening to the client is paramount.  I base a large part of my marketing on listening! I want to work together with my clients and find a way for everyone to have a winning stake in the project. Usually people decide on a designer because they like that designer’s particular style and so most of the time you’re starting on common ground.  From there, I have to really pay attention to what clients like and don’t like within my design realm.

DVP – Any advice for folks just starting out on a project?

MJG – Make sure you’re having fun! If not, stop and figure out what’s going wrong. You should have plenty of choices and you should be working within ‘your’ budget, not the designer’s! Hopefully you’ll incorporate elements that work with the home’s character and accentuate those traits. With the right interior designer, you should be productive, practical, within budget and above all having a good time!

DVP – Well thanks Mary Jo and good luck with MJG Interiors!!

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