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Dorset Village Properties – A Word About “Livery of Seizin”

One of the most frequently asked questions at our office is “What does Livery of Seizin mean and who are those two guys with the stick?”

dvp_livery_logoIt traces back to feudal times. When property was exchanged, a “notorious” ceremony would take place on the land being conveyed. Notorious in more ways than one:

If someone in the neighborhood could write, a notary more recently… a monk, the mayor, a scribe, or other literate person, they would be present and record the act of the seller passing a clod of earth, stone or branch to the acquiring party… Delivery and Seizing.

More notorious, perhaps, nearly a thousand years ago, one or two children of different ages would be brought to the ceremony. And they would be spanked (to say the least). Why? So years later, their names having been notoriously recorded, they could be called on as witnesses if a dispute were to develop.

At Dorset Village Properties, we’ve traded thrashing sticks for attorneys. But we still think of the transfer of real property as a sacred, personal and hands-on event.


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